The duality of man

I have this never ending battle of giants in my mind. The score constantly changes between the sides. This is, of course, about the age old question of tech stack choice. Every time I’m building a piece of software, whether for my full time job or otherwise, a tiny voice in the back of my head asks me regularly how it could be better to build this with that other thing.

Making a new micro service? Oh, I wish this was a monolith Laravel so I could get it done much quicker.

Working with a monolith? I wish I didn’t have to deal with all this legacy crap. I could make a beautiful new micro service with Go.

Building frontend with Next.js: God, this is so unnecessary, think how easy it would have been to bash this out with Blade files.

Building frontend with Laravel: think of all the possibilities of advanced interactivity you can have with a proper JavaScript framework.

It. Never. Stops.

After 13+ years of experience now, I know better than annually rewriting things with something different, but it’s weird and annoying that I cannot make the voices stop.